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For my D&AD project for the New Blood show I was along with my superhero portrait, to advertising a type of fruit. Here I chose to advertise raspberries. Using the idea of raspberries as a great source of antioxidants and created a print advert for the show. Here we were told to scamp the idea and here is the finished result. 

The Good the Bad and the Nostalgic Brand

For my branding module I was asked to look at three brands, focusing on a brand I appreciate, a brand I discourage and a contemporary brand. Here were my opinions.

When I was very young I used to play with Lego. I loved making new models with the coloured blocks and playing with the different Lego characters. I used to keep one of the Lego characters in my pocket when I went outside and play with it wherever I went including school. I remember one time, I made a tower out of Lego and it reached the ceiling, then my brother came in and knocked it over and I started crying. I used to have a big pink box (it was big to me) of Lego which I played with and my brother had a red box but I used to steal different pieces of his if I wanted to make a new model. I remember my mum used to get cross because there would always be a piece of Lego in the corner of different rooms or under the sofa, she used to have to wear slippers all the time in the house so she wouldn’t step on a piece of Lego and hurt her feet. If I ever have kids I would hope that Lego will still be around for them to enjoy. It’s a shame I was too old to play with the Harry Potter and Star Wars figures but at least I can still play the video games.

A contemporary brand that I feel a sense of respect and will always use is IKEA. As a family I have grown up with all the furniture in our house including my room coming from IKEA. The qualities of the products are far better than most companies and the fact that the quality is at fair prices is a huge bonus. Even at a young age IKEA used to be a day trip for my family and still I go with my friends for a day out. As a child the kid’s section is always a fun experience with a play area along with collecting little soft toys and as you get older you start to find certain sections to peck yours interest. Nearly two years ago I made a special IKEA trip for all my university necessities, which I’m sure a lot of students made, spending a lot of money on plates and knifes along with bathroom stuff. I love IKEA, the fact that you can pretty much always have a reason to go there whether its just for a candle or toilet brush pretty much most people love going to the café upstairs. The food is amazing, Swedish meatballs with gravy always make my mouth water and free refills on all drinks.

A brand I feel I have no trust towards is photobox the online photo printing company. Unfortunately my lack of trust stems from bad experience with them. During my art foundation I ordered a few prints for a final project, with express next day delivery and they took the money from my account and two weeks after my presentation date, my prints came through with no apology. They charged me £10 for next day delivery, which when I asked for a refund it took three weeks to get a full refund. With just one bad experience unfortunately my opinion of them has gone down and would personally not recommend them to others.

Random Photos

St Ives is Beautiful

The Big Issue… Big Idea

Here is a project I worked on during one of my university briefs given to us all about The Big Issue. The brief was to create build awareness and understanding of the big issue ethos, business model and products, with view to increasing reach and levels of audience engagement. The challenge was to increase the number of people the big issue would engage and the depth of that engagement. The big issue is a social enterprise and have little money or no marketing money.

Here I came up with the idea of getting vendors throughout the country to sing a song about the big issue to engage with their audience and inform others of what the big issue is and how you (the consumer) can help.

Hope you enjoy.

The Big Issue Song

Thankyou for buying the big issue,

A change has been made and it’s all down to you,

Every pound makes a difference, as do your two,

Incase you didn’t know, here’s what we do.

We’re not all homeless, but we all need a hand,

So if you could help, then that would be grand.

We offer the homeless, the chance to earn a living,

You’re helped them too, simply by giving,

We may be a charity, but it’s a hand up not hand out,

To make are lives easier, and less of a bout,

But that’s not all; we don’t stop there,

We give them a voice, and someone who cares,

We offer weekly entertainment reviews,

As well as celebrities, stories and news,

Arts, sports and politics, all together,

The changes we make will last forever,

Nearly 3000 of us, out here on the streets,

Making a stand, on our own to feet.

A good value read, which has earnt its place,

You’ve brought your copy; see the smile on my face,

Its Amazing What You Can Find in a Cave!

New Zealand

It’s an Argos Christmas

Christmas is always the busiest time of the year and it doesn’t help than the day you decide to go out and do all your Christmas shopping, so does everyone else, and your stuck in a stuffy and overcrowded department store trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Argos, this year was trying to promote their online shopping reserve and collect system. The TV advert shows a family of aliens visiting a shopping centre and questioning why humans don’t just use Argos to order online and collect in store instead of the stress and strain of shopping during this busy time.

Personally I felt quite negative towards this advert from a young adults perspective but thinking from an creative or planner I could see the execution being well thought out with strong references to the proposition has shopping with Argos could be less stressful and easy with their online service.

The aim of the advert was to increase the amount of online activity for Argos and to create an online presents for Christmas shopping. Objectively the brief was to encourage people to shop online but using aliens to express this wouldn’t have been my first connection or idea. However in relation to the advert and strategy I felt the message was clear.

During the advert there are some questionable features including the mother daydreaming about Justin Bieber, a young singer, generally adored by young children, not adults, which personally I can see being taken the wrong way in relation to our society or culture.

Another questionable feature of the advert is although the famous Bill Nighy who starred in Pirates of the Caribbean and Love Actually plays the voice of the father alien and Caroline Quentin from Men Behaving Badly playing the Mother Alien, the feeling of the advert can shy away when the voices are heard, as this can be seen as a distraction from what the meaning of the advert is and what they are trying to say and instead the consumer trying to guess who plays the voice over for the aliens, including comments that the children in the popular programme Outnumbered, played the children voice overs, when in fact they do not.

After discussing the advert with people and consumers I feel the strategy behind the advert had been crafted well with the meaning of the advert clearly represented with the aliens discussing the stress of Christmas which people can relate to, but although the message is clear with an emotional link of consumer buying, focusing on the behavior surrounding Christmas stress, but obviously not to the aliens.

Overall the execution of the advert is clear but with mixed opinions as to whether the aliens are creepy or funny, the question now is, was the collect and reserve system a success for Argos.


John Lewis… its christmas time

Christmas is always a favourite time of the year, the presents under the tree, the Christmas roast dinner or the snowball fight in the garden. But what we seem to forget that Christmas is a time for giving and being with the people we love. John Lewis’s new Christmas advert (The Long Wait) shows just that, that it’s better to give than receive. The advert features a seven-year-old boy counting down the days till Christmas till he can finally give his parents his present. I feel the advert is a warm and loveable advert and that John Lewis focuses their feel good message of what the real meaning of Christmas is.

The advert is a complete contrast to the usual Christmas adverts one see’s on TV or a billboard these days. With the concept of the advert surrounding the idea of “gifts you can’t wait to give” as John Lewis tag line, it works well with turning the traditional notion of Christmas and children waiting for the famous Santa to come deliver their presents on Christmas day, and using a child to promote this idea of it is better to give than receive, which could emphasise the idea that parents are trying to teach their children about the meaning of Christmas and the meaning of idealising present giving.

In the advert John Lewis are trying to emphasise, taking your time on buying gifts for loved ones and going that extra mile, although the advert does emphasise the meaning of their proposition (for gifts you cant wait to give) they don’t emphasise that going to their stores will help consumers find that prefect, but the uses of such a powerful advert with a clear and clever message keeps the awareness and word of mouth marketing clear in people’s minds.

Looking at the awareness John Lewis had gained through this advert it is clear that they succeeded greatly. The advert was first launched on Twitter and YouTube to generate impressions and marketing through conversations and was then later aired on TV first viewed during ITV’s X Factor talent show which was great strategy within timing the advert. With over 4 million YouTube this advert definitely was something to talk about this Christmas. The relationship between the advert and its target audience can relate well with the traditional notion of family value, which could be any family in any part of the country. John Lewis have been using mini film techniques to capture the audience’s attention for many years now and this film style seems to be creating engagement and getting consumers aware of John Lewis as a company but not necessarily surrounding their products, most advert’s on TV seem to focus on showing their cheapest deal in store today or their amazing offer on a particular product but John Lewis focus of messages that could link presents with their company but also to other companies which either can be seem as selfless, or a mistake. Personally with the amount of attention surround this advert, John Lewis didn’t need to worry.

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