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Feel Good

Here is a campaign me and my colleague created for the YCN 2012 Brief for the Feel Good Drinks Company. We chose to promote the fact that Feel Good do not add sugar to their products and at the same time we promoted Feel Good as a brand. We focused on all different platforms for advertising. Using social media, along with In-store and print advertising which would promote the different adverts. Our campaign was the idea of sugar ninja’s attacking the feel good fruit. A battle between the sugar and fruit but with an action movie style theme. Taking ideas from such films as James Bond, Mission Impossible and the Italian Job.


Here through social media we promoted the Feel Good brand with the idea of a banner advertisement, which would link to Facebook pages. The banner advertisement would show a small animation which users can not ignore, and once clicked on they were given the chose between two teams, the sugar attack society or the feel good defence unit. Here they would be taken to the facebook page of the team of choice. Here users can comment, post and vote along with learn about feel good as a brand but also about how sugar can do damage to your teeth with links to articles and images. Both units will talk about the brand but the feel good defence unit talk of the danger of sugar to one’s health whereas the sugar attack society talks about the amount of sugar in everyday drink products.

Moving onto print we wanted to promote a tastier of what the film advert will show. Each poster is a reference to a film. Here is a final product the film James Bond. Along with this final poster here are just a few scamps of the other poster ideas we came up with for such films as Mission Impossible and Indian Jones.

Here is the film advert for one of the film ideas. We chose Mission Impossible. Enjoy!

The advert will also appear viral, appearing on Facebook and Youtube and at the end of end advert the team logos will appear which will link to Facebook. This was just one idea we produced into a video but here are a few other ideas we scamped up.
Finally our ideas for In-store advertising was to cover the walls of supermarkets with characters from the film adverts which will lead you to the feel good drinks on the shelves. This will be seen like a mini battle between the fruit and sugar.


Twin Me

The Big Idea

Here is a social networking website I designed with two of my fellow advertising colleagues. We came up with the idea of a pen pal network, where users can be twinned with different users who have the same interests and hobbies but also a question and answer section where users can help assist and give answers that can help others. Like facebook and other popular social networking sites the user uploads a profile by uploading a picture and their information that is then send into the system and then found a matchable twin who you can exchange stories, hobbies, ideas and interests.

Is it raining outside! Have a crisp packet!

Here was one of my most fun and creative pieces of work I’ve ever done! Taking a boring object like a crisp packet and recreating something more interesting and practical! I chose to design an umbrella! Had to buy a lot of crisps but it was worth it in the end and my flat mates were more that happy and helpful eating all the crisps!

The Muffin Project

Here is my 3D project for my foundation, here I took a simple object, a muffin and using different materials I recreated the shape and design of the muffin. I really enjoyed this project as it was really creative and let me work with all different types of materials I wouldn’t of believed to have worked. Then using the different models I painted using again different paper and drawing materials such as charcoal and chalk along with paint and pencil to create two different images. Here a photo log of the work I produced.

D&AD awards- New Blood

   Here is a piece of work i submitted to the D&AD awards as part of a group advertising presentation for the show New Blood which was exhibited this year in London, which was to show ourselves as the people we wanted to be if we weren’t in advertising! I chose to show my creativity and pose as a superhero! So here I give you the greatest superhero ever…. super grace!!!! :)


One of my foundation projects was to design the next cover for the typography magazine Baseline, here is the final results.

Politics Good or Bad?

The problem with politics is the amount of information and lies being throw at us. Last year I decided to tackle as my final diploma project the idea surrounding politics! I think it is important to vote and I wanted to show others why and how it could be more simple so using my trusty photoshop skills I created a voting website and poster campaign called which would be a new way of voting in the elections. At the time the elections were going on so it was a perfect opportunity to express this matter. I then decided to show a little comic value in my art film using face mask and funny music to recreate the political Britians got talent!! 

Beauty, the ugly truth?

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This was a campaign I worked on to try and show people as themselves, their true beauty. Using comment cards I asked people from my course to pose in a photoshoot, expressing themselves in a new and almost shocking way. Don’t worry we kept our underwear on. The idea behind the work was that in the media people are shown as thin, beautiful and elegant! But in some cases the media frowns on a celebrity who goes out without makeup on or a model who is seen eating a cheese burger. I felt this is wrong and the effect it has on the younger generation who look up to these people as role models is devastating. So in this campaign i wanted to tell the world that everyone is beautiful and yes you can see floors in yourself and your appearance but it doesn’t matter because there is always someone who finds you beautiful.

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