Blog Post Six

With all the data and placement knowledge and extra research tools I have been able to understand and reflect my case study well, reaching a conclusion to my finding and was able to conduct enough primary and secondary research as possible to help in my findings. Mainly most of my research came from internet research, such as web articles relating to the areas such as the recession and new software. Along with this my primary research is the main source of this case study and which focuses towards my conclusion.

With my case study finalised and ready to submit for the deadline I was able to look back at the module in general and conclude this term.

Overall this module has been very helpful in the preparing myself for the advertising industry and what is to be expected. The main focus of this module was to create as many connections as I could with agencies from across the UK and fortunately for me I have found many interesting and helpful advertiser and creatives to help in creating a path in the industry. I was successful in finding a very successful and helpful placement along with contacting agencies in my chosen area.



About Grach

I love meeting new people, I study Advertising at Falmouth University and live near Bristol, Im a creative thinking and a very organised person. My friends call me Gracie and I love my friends to bits! :)

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