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After sending out many emails to agencies in the southwest I have finally gained a placement at STUFF advertising in Bristol, with creative director Richard Spruce. After a meeting with him at the beginning of April, and discussing my case study I will be starting my placement at the end of the month. But as I wanted my case study to focus on not just one but three or four agencies I decided to produce a questionnaire that I could send out to other agencies in the southwest area, which I sent out and am awaiting replies. Here is a mock up of the email:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a student studying BA(Hons) Advertising at University College Falmouth.

This year, as part of one of my study modules, I am tasked with preparing a case study, which will require me to seek information from advertising agencies so as to inform the choice of subject that I will research.

I was wondering if it was possible that you could spare me some time to answer a few questions relevant to my case study about how your agency has met the challenges outlined above. Below is a summary of my case study and several questions, which I would appreciate if you, or one of your colleagues, could respond to.

For my case study I will be researching how advertising agencies of varying size have met the challenge of the difficult economic climate since 2008. I have chosen to focus on 3 to 4 differing sized agencies within the south west to understand how the downturn has altered their business and marketing strategies. Have agencies altered their marketing strategies, for instance, by retreating from television and print mediums to concentrate more on the social media opportunities or has the latter been a natural progression that would have occurred anyway?

– Has the economic downturn affected your business and, if so, how?

– How have you altered your marketing and business strategies to meet this challenge?

– Has your business been changed fundamentally going forward by the economic climate of the last few years?

– Do you consider that the worst is now over?

– Has your agency increased or decreased in numbers since the economic turn down?

– Do you feel the any culture or technological difficulties have affected the way your agency works?

– Do you have any issues that I have not raised that you believe would be relevant to my study?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this questionnaire.  Your answers will be much appreciated and invaluable for my case study. Your response will also be treated with complete confidentiality.

Yours Faithfully

Grace Hollinworth.


About Grach

I love meeting new people, I study Advertising at Falmouth University and live near Bristol, Im a creative thinking and a very organised person. My friends call me Gracie and I love my friends to bits! :)

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