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The Big Issue… Big Idea

Here is a project I worked on during one of my university briefs given to us all about The Big Issue. The brief was to create build awareness and understanding of the big issue ethos, business model and products, with view to increasing reach and levels of audience engagement. The challenge was to increase the number of people the big issue would engage and the depth of that engagement. The big issue is a social enterprise and have little money or no marketing money.

Here I came up with the idea of getting vendors throughout the country to sing a song about the big issue to engage with their audience and inform others of what the big issue is and how you (the consumer) can help.

Hope you enjoy.

The Big Issue Song

Thankyou for buying the big issue,

A change has been made and it’s all down to you,

Every pound makes a difference, as do your two,

Incase you didn’t know, here’s what we do.

We’re not all homeless, but we all need a hand,

So if you could help, then that would be grand.

We offer the homeless, the chance to earn a living,

You’re helped them too, simply by giving,

We may be a charity, but it’s a hand up not hand out,

To make are lives easier, and less of a bout,

But that’s not all; we don’t stop there,

We give them a voice, and someone who cares,

We offer weekly entertainment reviews,

As well as celebrities, stories and news,

Arts, sports and politics, all together,

The changes we make will last forever,

Nearly 3000 of us, out here on the streets,

Making a stand, on our own to feet.

A good value read, which has earnt its place,

You’ve brought your copy; see the smile on my face,


Its Amazing What You Can Find in a Cave!

New Zealand

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