Yeo Valley

So you have £5 million to create a one-off television advert that must be as successful hit and generate over 9 million impressions through YouTube and twitter along with word of mouth marketing, and all of this must surround a two minute video talking about milk and yogurt. So how do you do it?

After the success of the Yeo Valley Rap broadcast in 2010, Yeo Valley were determined to create the same reactions, with a £2.5 million TV campaign featuring a fake boy band called “The Churned” who sing about the wonderful world of natural farming, Yeo Valley want to tell consumers they are in harmony with nature and show how passionate they are about organic natural farming. BBH has chosen to use the very popular talent show X Factor, to air another song based advert. The fact that Yeo Valley used their entire budget in one advertising campaign seems rather risky but personally with the amount of attention it works incredibly well.

The connection of Gary Barlow one of the judges, as a member of a world wide popular boy band (Take That) along with Louis Walsh, the manager of two most successful boy bands in the pop world (Boyzone and Westlife) I felt, linked well with the advert’s content and a strong emphasis on the branding strategy.

The advert features four band members wearing white tops, which I feel could link in with the idea of pure farming as white is a very pure colour, singing about natural farming, they then dress in farmer clothing and walk out of a barn into a field, (on the same location as the previous rap advert was filmed). The target audience is very focused towards music lovers but personally I feel more towards female audiences due to amount of male content in the advert but also BBH has used a female character to attract a male audience to. Overall I feel the advert is well executed, with strong references to the idea of natural farming but with a comic edge to the scenes, which I feel can appeal to all ages.

The objective of the advert was to create awareness of Yeo Valley and their natural farming. The fact that in the advert, the boys are singing enthusiastically about farming shows a clear execution of what the advert wanted to express. The link between the times when the advert was aired is also a huge advantage to the execution of the advert, as many people watching would believe this was linked in with the talent show. Immediately after the video was aired Yeo Valley became a number one trending topic of twitter and the video itself was viewed more than 133,000 times on YouTube and generated 9.6 million “tweet impressions”. Along with the advert, a sing-a-long version was posted on the popular social networking site Facebook, and the song itself charted to number 32 in the ITunes chart within hours of the showing. Overall another successful advert from BBH, which using an interactive element has created a strong positive campaign for Yeo Valley.



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  1. To All My Friends- Atmosphere makes me want to cry b/c it makes me think of my future >,<

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