Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic have always been a popular airline but unfortunately with competitors like British Airways and Easy Jet it is hard to encourage people to fly with your airline. In October 2011, Virgin Atlantic release a new TV advert showing the glitz and glamour of their airline, the main feature of this advert was to encourage people to fly with Virgin Atlantic and experience the dazzling world of their airline. Using digital effects and classy colours along with stylish music, Virgin Atlantic has recreated a James Bond themed advert with a fashionable edge to their airline. Using the famous band Muse’s cover of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good track, the atmosphere of the advert is very classy and elegant with a sexy vibe to the airline.

The fact the advert doesn’t really tell a story but focuses on different aspects of their airline, for example the airhostess and the pilots looking glamorous and sexual gives the air that this is an airline of style and importance. I feel the advert wants to give the consumer the impression of charm and attraction, and seems to focus its target audience towards more high flying and business people who travel a lot but also want that comfort and care at the same time in my opinion this could focus on a more male demographic.

When watching this advert, to me it screams 007, especially the relationship with Golden Eye and Die Another Day starring Pierce Brosnan, with the women jumping through the screen in the opening credits of the films. The fact the advert has a emphasise on this style of filming relates well with people who enjoy action films like 007 and the emphasis of a suggestive and sensual women gives this feel to the advert.

The aim of the advert is to encourage people to fly with Virgin Atlantic, unfortunately even though this advert I feel it is cleverly constructed, there is an element of this luxury airline being rather pricey and the stereotype that only business class would receive such style and elegance on board. But then when we move to the end of the advert personally I feel the airhostesses and pilots are talking comically but unfortunately with the feel of the advert it didn’t come across as humorous. Also the emphasise that the airplanes associates itself as a woman has the element that women are graceful like this airline.

The advert has an air of fantasy becoming reality, the celebrity feel of people taking your picture, the elegance of the hostess filling your martini glass, the cheeky smiles of the sexy pilot. The element of class and emotional trigger of pure quality is being sophisticatedly portrayed in the advert and helps convey their message well.

Overall the construction and execution of the advert is well versed, a great advert with a sexy refined style with its tag line “your airline’s either got it or it hasn’t” and this advert has shown in my opinion it’s definitely got it.


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