John Lewis… its christmas time

Christmas is always a favourite time of the year, the presents under the tree, the Christmas roast dinner or the snowball fight in the garden. But what we seem to forget that Christmas is a time for giving and being with the people we love. John Lewis’s new Christmas advert (The Long Wait) shows just that, that it’s better to give than receive. The advert features a seven-year-old boy counting down the days till Christmas till he can finally give his parents his present. I feel the advert is a warm and loveable advert and that John Lewis focuses their feel good message of what the real meaning of Christmas is.

The advert is a complete contrast to the usual Christmas adverts one see’s on TV or a billboard these days. With the concept of the advert surrounding the idea of “gifts you can’t wait to give” as John Lewis tag line, it works well with turning the traditional notion of Christmas and children waiting for the famous Santa to come deliver their presents on Christmas day, and using a child to promote this idea of it is better to give than receive, which could emphasise the idea that parents are trying to teach their children about the meaning of Christmas and the meaning of idealising present giving.

In the advert John Lewis are trying to emphasise, taking your time on buying gifts for loved ones and going that extra mile, although the advert does emphasise the meaning of their proposition (for gifts you cant wait to give) they don’t emphasise that going to their stores will help consumers find that prefect, but the uses of such a powerful advert with a clear and clever message keeps the awareness and word of mouth marketing clear in people’s minds.

Looking at the awareness John Lewis had gained through this advert it is clear that they succeeded greatly. The advert was first launched on Twitter and YouTube to generate impressions and marketing through conversations and was then later aired on TV first viewed during ITV’s X Factor talent show which was great strategy within timing the advert. With over 4 million YouTube this advert definitely was something to talk about this Christmas. The relationship between the advert and its target audience can relate well with the traditional notion of family value, which could be any family in any part of the country. John Lewis have been using mini film techniques to capture the audience’s attention for many years now and this film style seems to be creating engagement and getting consumers aware of John Lewis as a company but not necessarily surrounding their products, most advert’s on TV seem to focus on showing their cheapest deal in store today or their amazing offer on a particular product but John Lewis focus of messages that could link presents with their company but also to other companies which either can be seem as selfless, or a mistake. Personally with the amount of attention surround this advert, John Lewis didn’t need to worry.


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I love meeting new people, I study Advertising at Falmouth University and live near Bristol, Im a creative thinking and a very organised person. My friends call me Gracie and I love my friends to bits! :)

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