The Good Times or the Bad…?

The Drink Aware Campaign – Your Ideas and Concepts

Public service announcements are always a struggle to promote to the viewer’s eye. Especially in advertising non-profit organisations push to try and come up with interesting and fun ways of interacting with people but still aiming to inform people of their messages.

One campaign in particular I focused on was the drink aware campaign created by Ogilvy called “why let the good times go bad?”. The campaign is focused on 18-24 year olds who enjoy drinking but to the extend of a wasteful night stuck with one’s head in a toilet. Drink aware, have created a mobile app (which is available to download now) called Good Times app which “helps you and your mates plan your night, keep the good times good while you’re out and get you all home safely in a cab!” The app is a helpful tool with tips and advice for your big night out.

As a 20-year-old student living with other students who enjoy a night out I feel this app has many interesting and useful tips for students to follow, for example The app itself has a GPS tracking system where you can locate your mates on a night out if you lose them in the crowds and being able to order a taxi for the end of the night is again another useful function to use especially if you have no idea where you are and need some assistance.

However from a personal youth perspective the app has more flaws then benefits. Starting from the main focus of this campaign the target audience is 18-24 year old people, focusing in on university students and people who socialise on a regular basis. This demographic is harder to appeal to due to the high amount of drinking and socials that happen surround this generation, student nights and cheap drinks are a big appeal to young people who earn less income than an older demographic. The campaign could work better if they focus on an older generation, for example a 25-35 target audience who may be worried about their intake of alcohol units.

Focusing on the app’s function of recording, how much the user drinks on a night out, requires the user to type in their drinks selection every time they buy one. On a night out generally students and young people are enjoying their night, drinking and dancing in clubs and bars with their friends and tend less to remember to upload their drinking habits onto their phones and more incline to drink. On top of the fact by the morning most people don’t remember the events of the night let alone the drinks they drank.

Another function of the app is its handy tips and advice that it gives throughout your night or event, but again generally people aren’t

focusing on their phones but the cute girl in the corner or the gorgeous man at the bar. The focus of this audience is the morning after and the effects the handover, this is where the advice is needed and sort after. The app needs to appeal to the demographic but at the right times when the audience are more likely to be using their phones.

Unfortunately the app’s advertisement is less appealing with a Facebook page, which tells the reader to download the app but little information about the app and the campaign and little interaction from users, which only 60 people talking about the campaign and only 505 people “like”ing the page. The page needs a new way of connection with their target audience, for example using more appealing images like the posters advertising and trying to connect with other users who like the page by asking more direct questions.

The campaign itself has a strong advertising sector, focusing on the posters and the reflecting images of what a good night could be or what a bad night is, has been cleverly illustrated through the art direction. The posters need to appeal to the audience and I feel they do this but need to be seen on a wider scale. The aim of the campaign is a good target to focus on, with the contrast of a good night compared to a bad night but unfortunately the campaign idea is less focused on its target audience.


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