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Social Media and Non-Profit

Non-profit organisations; Frank, Think, WWF, all good causes that focus on helping and supporting people and animals in need, but how do they fund these causes and organisations. Advertising of course is a great way of funding these causes through reaching out to others for donations and fundraising. Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity and non-profit organisation dedicated to beating cancer through research. Using different means of fundraising such as charity shops and events such as shine and race for life, all these donations are then used to research and find solutions to the different cancers that effect so many lives.

But how do these organisations use social media to communicate their causes and ask for help. Looking firstly at the Cancer research website itself, there is plenty of information and different ways of helping others by the volunteering, fundraising and donation pages within the website, but to get people to interact with the website, Cancer research uses different social networking tools such as Facebook pages and a Twitter account to help raise awareness of what they are trying to achieve and how others can help. Overall Cancer research uses five main social media tools to connect and communicate with others, Facebook and Twitter are two more well know and frequently used networks where cancer research uses both networks as a way of letting people get the latest news and share opinions and stories, along with photos and videos. Twitter is also used as a way of informing users on the science, health and fundraising news surrounding the research. Cancer Research’s Facebook page has a large audience not just “like”ing the page but also talking about it and with its trafficking the page has over 170,000 likes and over 5,000 people talking about it. Looking at the page itself the responding communication between its users and the organisation is strong too within hours of conversations being posted the organisation responds to comment and questions quickly showing an interested in what people have to say.

Along with these networks, cancer research also has a YouTube channel, where videos from events and campaigns are shared along with the research being investigated. Here users can watch TV commercials and life stories of others affected by cancer and with other 130,000 views and 1,114 subscribers the channel has a high amount of trafficking.

Another social tool cancer research uses is a social bookmarking service which focuses on different subjects and where Cancer Research uses this network to post news and coverage of cancer research science and all the feeds surround the research. A less used social network but all the same a great way of interacting with its users.

Along with these tools, there is a cancer chats forum where users can talk to others affected by cancer and share their experiences and also find information. This again is a great way of creating social awareness and traffic surround cancer research.

And finally cancer research uses a blog to cover the all their up to date research including funding by the charity as well as useful links and resources along with any media coverage being broadcasted over other media platforms such as TV and radio.

Overall Cancer Research has a large social media presence in the social domain, using lots of useful networks to engage and encourage others to visit, donate and participate in their organisation.


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