A Honda Story

Social Media Audit of your Chosen Business

Honda has always produced some amazing advertising campaigns, focussing on individual issues such as diesel emissions and making their car’s well know to the public! But how do they do it? A strong influence in their advertising is their social media mix. Honda use a wide range of social media to focus on their target audiences, focusing on car lovers and motor emphasised, and using popular social media sites to connect with these consumers on a higher level.

Honda uses such social media monitoring tools such as Nielsen BuzzMetrics, CoTweet, TweetGrid, UberTwitter, FlickUp and TweetDeck, to help them understand their target demographic and by using these tools were able to create a social media buzz about their products. Using Facebook for Honda both was a positive and negative impact on different campaigns they launched. In November 2009 Honda launched a Facebook page to promote the new release of their new Honda Accord Crosstour, unfortunately the campaign page was a huge disaster. The page was set up by uploading pictures of the product and gave basic details, believing the product would sell itself. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

The page became full of negative comments that Honda tried to save by using a member of staff to pose as a normal fan in which he posted:

Unfortunately the comment didn’t go down well but “Given the horrible way this campaign was handled by Honda, a lot of bloggers picked it up and ran with it. It even has some go further and point of corruption of automobile publications and their dependence on the industry”.

Fortunately Honda didn’t give up and in August 2009 relaunched a new Facebook fan page called ‘Everybody knows somebody who loves a Honda” which invited people to upload images of their Honda’s, comment and connect with other Honda users. The campaign was a strong success and generated a positive buzz around Honda as a brand and was refered to as their “global social experiment” .

Along with social network sites Honda used documentary series to promote and get people involved with their brand. For example in November 2010, Honda launched a month-long social media campaign called “dream the impossible” dreams.honda.com which would invite people to comment and post their thoughts on the site. More recently Honda launched in June 2011 the Honda Stories which again using documentaries presented short films telling different stories about different experiences and topics within the Honda community.

One of Honda’s stronger and wider range of social interaction with users is YouTube. With Honda’s amazing and simple but genius advertisements on TV, Honda’s social media with YouTube has been a huge success.Which its launch of the Honda channel all viral media was added to the channel including documentaries and the famous television adverts.With 4,489,368 channel views and 13,560 subscribers to the channel YouTube has become a social media success for Honda. One of Honda’s more popular advert’s “the cog”

was designed and created by widen and kennedy, and which from 12/10/11 has been viewed 2,876,542 times, and has “received more awards than any commercial in history”. 

Honda also uses twitter as a way of posting news and information about Honda and their brand but also created a Honda customer services page where twitter users could tweet any concerns or problems they had in which Honda could help and as a way of speeding up customer service.

“The Unpredictable Life” Another way Honda uses social media was through the use of smart phones. Wieden and Kennedy created an iPhone app with the TV campaign advert called “screen hopping” which allowed the viewer to interact with the content as it played. The advert was to promote the new Honda Jazz.


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