Monthly Archives: May 2011

Is it raining outside! Have a crisp packet!

Here was one of my most fun and creative pieces of work I’ve ever done! Taking a boring object like a crisp packet and recreating something more interesting and practical! I chose to design an umbrella! Had to buy a lot of crisps but it was worth it in the end and my flat mates were more that happy and helpful eating all the crisps!


The Muffin Project

Here is my 3D project for my foundation, here I took a simple object, a muffin and using different materials I recreated the shape and design of the muffin. I really enjoyed this project as it was really creative and let me work with all different types of materials I wouldn’t of believed to have worked. Then using the different models I painted using again different paper and drawing materials such as charcoal and chalk along with paint and pencil to create two different images. Here a photo log of the work I produced.

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