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Politics Good or Bad?

The problem with politics is the amount of information and lies being throw at us. Last year I decided to tackle as my final diploma project the idea surrounding politics! I think it is important to vote and I wanted to show others why and how it could be more simple so using my trusty photoshop skills I created a voting website and poster campaign called which would be a new way of voting in the elections. At the time the elections were going on so it was a perfect opportunity to express this matter. I then decided to show a little comic value in my art film using face mask and funny music to recreate the political Britians got talent!! 


Beauty, the ugly truth?

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This was a campaign I worked on to try and show people as themselves, their true beauty. Using comment cards I asked people from my course to pose in a photoshoot, expressing themselves in a new and almost shocking way. Don’t worry we kept our underwear on. The idea behind the work was that in the media people are shown as thin, beautiful and elegant! But in some cases the media frowns on a celebrity who goes out without makeup on or a model who is seen eating a cheese burger. I felt this is wrong and the effect it has on the younger generation who look up to these people as role models is¬†devastating. So in this campaign i wanted to tell the world that everyone is beautiful and yes you can see floors in yourself and your appearance but it doesn’t matter because there is always someone who finds you beautiful.

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